Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Alzheimer’s Patients – Why Memory Care is Needed

Alzheimer’s is a particular form of dementia that eventually necessitates increased levels of care in later stages of the disease. Memory care facilities provide this round-the-clock assistance. They employ experienced professionals to give specialized care to loved ones on a long-term basis. Unlike other assisted living programs, these specialized communities focus on the acute needs of dementia patients as they navigate daily tasks.

Professional 24-Hour Supervision  
As Alzheimer’s progresses, unchecked wandering can be the biggest concern for older relatives. Many memory care facilities are designed with loved ones in mind. The buildings and grounds are easier to navigate and remember. On-duty staff members can keep a watchful eye over dementia patients to ensure they do not get lost or overwhelmed by their surroundings.

Daily Meals and Group Programs

Social stimulation is important at every stage in life but it often is neglected in later years. Assisted and live-in communities provide emotional and physical support for elder family members. They get to interact with individuals of a similar age and can safely venture on group excursions with a little help from staff. Furthermore, facilities provide three fresh meals a day as a standard service.

Easy Access to Medical Treatment

Working out transportation to and from doctor’s appointments can cause significant stress in the family unit. Between other important obligations, familial caretakers may have trouble juggling multiple schedules. Memory care provides easy access to specialized medical attention. These facilities are experienced in this type of care and can administer drugs or other treatments in a comfortable setting. Visit this website to learn more about memory care and 24 hour Care in Soquel.

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